Silence in May

Much of what I do is listen, teach deeper Gospel truths and help people experience in their heart what they know in their head.

Then, of course, we pray together.

Last year I met with a dear friend who brought a struggle with addiction to our conversation. We had a life-giving talk and then it was time to close in prayer. 

Something happened that I won't forget.

I asked my friend in closing out our time, "Do you want to pray?"

Upon reflection, there is something unclear about my question.

Am I asking: "Do you want to lead the prayer?" He being the one who prays.

Or am I asking: "Do you want to pray?" with the assumption that I will be the one praying.

My friend said yes but thought I was going to pray.
I thought my friend was going to pray.

We both closed our eyes and sat in complete silence, waiting for the other to pray.

The silence continued for 25 minutes.

I didn't realize what was happening. I thought he was going to pray and chose silence instead. Turns out, he was thinking the same thing. So we sat together in silence.

Yes, the first couple minutes were awkward, confusing, but after a bit of time, something in me began to settle down. It was as if we were silently sitting down with Jesus.

We rested in His presence and thought on our Christ-centered conversation.

I ended up closing the time. We both looked at each other in the midst of busy weeks and both agreed we needed that time.

We didn't figure all of this out until a week later. We laughed hard. But we also saw a need for companionship in silence, resting our soul and quietly receiving truth into our everyday hearts.

That was the most productive 25 minutes that whole week and was such a gift to my soul. I am reminded that life with Christ becomes a reality when we let truth sink from head to heart. Silence helps with this.

This story came to mind as our family heads into this first week of May.

With its busyness, the month of May has been considered the new December. Families are on the go, school is wrapping up, and summer is approaching. Tournaments, recitals, concerts, and award ceremonies are coming.

My friend and I stumbled upon something beautiful. But I am learning that the gift of silence is more available than I think and provides Christ-strength in the midst of busyness.

"In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength. But you were unwilling, and you said, "No! We will flee upon horses…"   Isaiah 30:15-16

May we return and rest in the Gospel provision of Himself.

May the realities of our union with Christ become real for the everyday heart.

May quietness and trust be our strength. Amen!