Grace Discipleship exists to connect weary souls with the Gospel of grace by providing space for people to discover how to live out the deeper truths of the Gospel in everyday life.

The heartbeat of Grace Discipleship is to walk with people as they walk with Jesus, always keeping the Grace of God and the believer’s union with Christ at the center.

a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit ministry serving Greensboro, North Carolina

Grace Discipleship Executive Director John Freeman is excited to be part of what God is already doing in our great city. We partner with local churches, counselors, and families to offer spiritual answers to life's problems like burn out, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions, relational difficulties, and unwanted circumstances. Find out more about how we might serve you, your family, or your ministry team.

"God has permanently joined Himself to the believer's spirit. Your spirit and Christ's are one. The two operate as one unit. When we begin to know and live out of that truth, all the promises of the New Testament suddenly cease to be pie in the sky. They become daily realities."

- The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone & Greg Smith