One-on-one Discipleship Care

  • How is God moving in the midst of all that is happening in my life?
  • If Christ is supposed to bring freedom, why do I feel so stuck?
  • What is the balance between my part and God's part when it comes to my everyday life?
  • What does faith look like when my circumstances don't change and my soul is exhausted?

If these are your questions, perhaps one-on-one Discipleship Care is for you.

What is Discipleship Care?

Discipleship Care is connecting weary souls to the provisions of the Gospel of Grace. In our brokenness we can experience hope. In our weakness we can discover strength. Through the cross believers are fully forgiven and united to Christ. At our core we are new people in Christ. This changes everything!

Discipleship Care is different from counseling, in that John is not a licensed professional counselor but an ordained pastor with the heart to walk alongside the souls of others. Many times people who are already meeting with a professional counselor or psychologist benefit from the ministry of Grace Discipleship, as it is an excellent way to process with a prayerful listener those things that counseling may stir up in your soul.

One-on-one meetings allow entrance to the unique battle of the soul and in truth we can forge ahead toward greater freedom in Christ. In the process of discovering your true self in Christ, you will uncover your unique way of connecting with Jesus and learn life with Christ in the everyday.

How does One-on-One Discipleship Care work?

We'll have an initial meeting together, a time of mutual listening and discernment to decide if you think this kind of ministry will be good company for your soul at this time in your life.

If so, we'll agree that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate counselor and in our intentional time together we'll listen to how he might be moving in your life.

You may choose to meet only once or twice for simple perspective and encouragement. Or if we decide together you would like something more long-term and intentional, we'll start with 4-6 meetings to give space for your soul to enter into a deeper place of healing and discipleship.

Spending time with John gave me an opportunity to ask questions regarding my faith and Christian walk. Our conversations helped answer some questions that I had, but more importantly motivated me to look deeper into the word of God and live a life with God. He helped encourage me in my search for a real relationship with God.
— David A., college student