Ministry Teams and Small Groups

  • Is your small group longing to connect on a deeper level?
  • Does your team feel that they're spinning their wheels and not going anywhere?
  • Are you relating together in a way that reveals more of you or more of Christ?
  • Do you see a disconnect between what your group needs and what you are able to provide?

In a world that values hustle, measurable results, and impressive outcomes, it's easy for the heart of a team to become discouraged.

Ministry teams and small groups can become so tangled up in programs, agendas, and activity that we lose sight of our sacred assignment and the sweet presence of Christ.

Discipleship Care for teams and small groups connects discouraged souls to the provisions of the Gospel of Grace.  Understanding the deeper truths of our union with Christ can bring great encouragement to the soul of a team. Living and leading from the fixed point of grace rather than the changing expectations of the world enables us to care more deeply for the souls around us.

We'd love to partner with your team or small group in a way that will be most beneficial. Contact Grace Discipleship to find out more.